Ellen, J-Law, and the Monkey: Copyright Registration for Selfies


The word “selfie” has been added to the Oxford English Dictionary and the Scrabble dictionary.  However, it has not been litigated in a published copyright decision, and does not appear in the new Copyright Compendium.  Selfies and other nontraditional modes of creating photographic artworks are getting into the news, and authors are having a hard time protecting themselves and their works, in part because of a question about who created the works. (more…)

Caselaw Chitchat: “Aereo and Arguendo with John Collins”

Listen to the Copyright On! Podcast Episode 3 — it’s a Caselaw Chitchat with John Collins of the theater company Elevator Repair Service! John is a self-described Supreme Court nerd who went so far as to create Arguendo, a surreal, verbatim reenactment of the oral arguments in Barnes v. Glen Theatre, a Supreme Court case about the free speech rights of erotic dancers.

You can listen to it here even before it appears on iTunes! Enjoy!


And for more about Arguendo, watch this trailer for their show: