Month: August 2014

Copyright and Music: My Appearance on Shameless Maya (Part II)

This is Part II of my appearance on Shameless Maya for one of her “Techie Tuesday” episodes. In part one, we talked about the basics of copyright law as it applies to music and licensing, creative commons, and posting videos on YouTube. This continues that conversation, and gets into a discussion of fair use, and the Obama “Hope” Poster by Shepard Fairey.


Caselaw Chitchat: Harrisongs and [title of show] with Jeff Bowen

 Listen to the Copyright On! Podcast Episode 4 — it’s a Caselaw Chitchat with Jeff Bowen, the Obie-Award winning composer and lyricist of the Tony-nominated musical [title of show] and “Now. Here. This.” Jeff has been writing songs since he was a kid, and now writes songs that appear all over the modern musical theater landscape.  He shares his process, and his insights into the seminal music plagiarism case of Bright Tunes Music v. Harrisongs Music, also known as the “He’s So Fine / My Sweet Lord” case.

You can listen to it here even before it appears on iTunes! Enjoy!

Guardians of the Galaxy’s “Nova” was taken from its creator by a bankruptcy court


On the left, Black Nova, the character created and published independently by Marv Wolfman in 1967. In the middle, The Man Called Nova, the character published by Marvel Comics in 1976, as written by its then-employee Marv Wolfman.  The decision in In re: Marvel Entertainment Group, Inc, 254 B.R. 817, 820–22 (D.C. De. 2000) whether or not they are the same character. On the right, a Nova character as depicted in the recent Marvel Studios blockbuster film “Guardians of the Galaxy.”

There is an assumption among comic book fans that Marvel will continue to use the Nova characters in future movies, perhaps even as a title character. But will Marv Wolfman, the creator of Nova, get his due? (more…)